My Hotmail was Hacked

Dear Phil,

Thank you for sharing us your experience. The IP Address is African and probably Nigerian. I strongly recommend you to report this to so that they could close your account to prevent the Nigerian spammer to contact your friends.

I am sure you already have but if not, if you have another address book that contains your contacts on your Hotmail and Facebook account that were hacked, it would be really great if you could notify all of them about this and tell them to disregard the mails and that everything is not true for your accounts were hacked and if they could possibly give their time of day, to mark or report them as spam or as a hacker.

On Facebook, it would need more than one person to report a Facebook account to be hacked and for them to take action.
I hope this helps you Phil and I hope everything works out.


To: Webmaster

phil freudenberger

I was hacked by this IP address today!
my hotmail account and facebook account passwords have been changed
and they are asking my contacts for money saying i have been mugged. a
friend of mine was able to find the source.

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