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I got an email from a reader.

i want to claim are giving me 10 and more messages/day and i gave them message not to give me anymore but they don’t want to listen.
Please do something because they give me on their newsletter 10 or more messages than usual.

Normally websites do not have a person reading their email because they get to many emails. They have a robot that checks the email subscriptions and normally you can click on a link in the email and you are gone from their list. However if you never subscribed to this list you should never click on a click since the spam computer then will add you to the list.

You can try to call them if you are in the same country. If that does not work filter the email in your Yahoo or Gmail to go directly to trash or spam. I always use a special Gmail for all my new subscriptions and never my real email because you never know if a company is serious or not.

Normally when you dealing with companies in EU and USA the law is very strict on opt in subscribie but developing countries have different laws.

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