Bank Fraud new Nigeria Scam

Dear Cassie,

Thank you for sharing us your story. This e-mail you received has obviously been blasted thousands of times. We can only hope that no one or at least only a few people were fooled by this spam e-mail. Naturally, money is a huge component in order for people to ensure life stability not to mention the luxuries it could give us thus when it is mentioned that we are to receive money we just feel elated and a lot more when bigger amount of money is involved to an extent that our logic gets thrown out the window and as a result we do not question how we were able to get qualified to receive such money and we simply just want to get it regardless.
I am glad and I am proud that you are not one of those people Cassie. It’s really great that people are still aware that there is no way to instantly have money from agencies or companies you have never heard of just like you cannot win the lottery if you did not play it.
However, this is another kind of Nigerian spam that should be reported to the FBI.

To: Webmaster



I’d like to report a spam email from that reads…
Dear Applicant:
Following an upgrade of our computer systems and review of our records
we have investigated your payments and latest tax over the last seven
years our calculations show you made over payments of 256.99 GBP.

Due to the high volume of refunds due you must complete the line
application,the telephone help line is unable to assist with this application.

In order to process your refund you will need to complete the
application form. Your refund may take up to 3 weeks to process please make sure you
complete the form correctly.

As we are upgrading our records we require the completed form showing
your full current details by 28 November 2010.

Please submit the application form to confirm the refund.

S. M. Roberts
Senior Manager

HM Revenue& Customs

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