Nigerian Dating Scam

Message From reader Pamela in UK

I had to come on here as there are no other ways to complain about
_ has happened to me !! I was on a dating site earlier got into an
online relationship, I had money taken by him too.
_ know it was my own fault but got smooth talked by some con artist,
_ supposedly living here in England, I even did a search on him, then
_ said he had to work abroad in Jan guess where the most dubious
_ Lagos!!I am writing to warn others that these criminals are out
there even
_ ..skulking & conning easy going women as I am, he had stolen a
genuine mans identity, I have been in touch with this mans wife & as I
cant find any where in my area to go this man who has his identity
stolen lives in Surrey. I have got the dating agency’s name & written
to them, also have this mans email address.& all the letters he sent
me, no good now but I wondered if anything could be done at all? I
hope I am not taking up your time.


I am not sure how you send money to a fake person? If the person is not who he say he is how can you transfer money?
You could file a report with the local police if you know who the real fraudster is, this will make him wanted on lists and might stop him from leaving Nigeria. Try to find his IP address from his email and with a police report the police can talk to his email provider and maybe check his email account.

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