How to report Hotmail spam

If you have an hotmail account you can click on the Spam button and it will be reported right away. If you have another email provider you need to send an email to Hotmail and tell them about it. This is how to report a spam or abuse email to

Thank you for reporting spam to the MSN Hotmail Support Team. This is an auto-generated response to inform you that we have received your submission. MSN Hotmail makes ongoing efforts to stop spam. Appropriate actions will be taken. Please note that you will not receive a reply if you respond directly to this message. and are accounts set up specifically to process spam reports and punish spammers. This account is NOT intended for reporting of other forms of abusive e-mails.

If you have received an abusive e-mail which falls under but is not limited to the below categories, please resubmit your report to or depending on the spammer’s domain (MSN or Hotmail).

Abusive e-mail includes but is not limited to:

• Child exploitation/pornography threats
• Harassment
• Impersonation of an institution (such as a bank or government agency or charity), also known as Phishing
• Issues relating to account credentials being compromised (hacked)

If you suspect a crime is being committed, report it directly to your local police authorities

If you need information about how to configure and take more advantage of your MSN Hotmail Junk E-mail Filters please visit the following website:

If you need further information about MSN Hotmail’s efforts and technologies used to fight spam and abusive e-mails please visit:


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