Police are behind Internet Criminals

Dear Daniel,

We can definitely relate to how you are feeling. It truly is more than annoying how these people would just scam hardworking people by mooching on their money simply because they cannot live decently themselves. For this very reason, we are making our very own report system for these things and it will be up very soon. For the meantime, we recommend you to report online, report on CL, report all you can to servers and hosting and since you are very good with spotting spam, we encourage you to use that and report more to us and update us with their operation.

Your very keen observation on spam would be truly helpful in regards to our mission to have these scum bags apprehended someday once we have truly mastered how they work and then trace who they really are.

Thank you for sharing us your lament and we are definitely hoping that you would continually be vigilant and active so that one day we could catch these punks.


To: Webmaster

daniel Luethmers

I know what I am having problems with is such a small part and there
is bigger fish to fry but, it just gets me pissed off. I like using
craigslist because of the convenience of buying and selling and
anything throughout but it is such a hotspot for any and all scamming.
I am alway able to tell weather it is a scam or not and have not been
hit YET, but what about other people that have no clue is there
nothing we can do. I have had credit cards frauded on having thousands
stolen, it was covered but is there not anything that is in place out
there to stop this shit? Why can’t we catch any of these basterds that
make money off of normal descent people. Crime now is way to easy one
can be robbed blind by someone that never leaves there house. I don’t
mean to vent on you but its just hits a spot that I can’t stop feeling
hatred for these people and would like to see them convicted. So what
can I do to play a part in finding these people and help stop the
future crumble of American from the crime within?

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