Solve Credit Card Fraud

Dear Asem,

Thank you for writing to me and entrusting me with your problem. The best solution for you is to call your credit card bank and ask them to charge it back. You do not have to worry because it costs nothing although you must do this as soon as you possibly can. It would be harder to undo it is going to take longer for you to report this bill you did not do.

For some reason, discrepancies in regards to credit card billing aren’t new thus it is highly important that you really check what you are being billed for as opposed to just paying. (yeah, some people can still be careless like that). Feel confident and report this to your credit card bank and they would definitely be glad to charge it back once the issue has been cleared.

I hope everything will be alright with you soon.


To: Webmaster

asem BAKIR

dear sir

the site below charged me 19.90 usd today
03.05.2011 even i did not buy anything from them

site name : intuit website service
kindly i need to know what is going on


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