Russian girls are not giving up

Maybe they did not think I liked the last Russian girl they sent me so every week they send me another. I know I have to change this email address soon because the amount of spam getting silly.
That’s the problem when you give someone your Pay Pal they know it is a real address so they will just keep spamming it.
I prefer Russian brides before the Viagra scam off course those once are so boring.

Let’s see what the Russian girl Elena has to say

Subject: Hello! Is glad to write to you! My name Elena!

Hello my dear friend, my name is Elena.
Don’t be surprised with my letter. It’s not a spam. (yes it is)
I’ve applied to the acquaintance agency which is situated in my city. (lier)
The acquaintance agency should help us to get in touch. If you see my first letter, it means that the manager of acquaintance agency wrote you. He sent you my first letter. I think we should know each other better and we’ll get pleasure from our communication. I’m alone for some years already. And one nice day I saw an advertisement of acquaintance agency and decided to take a chance. The same day I went there forgetting about all my affairs. As if my legs itself led me to the office of international acquaintance agency, I’ve been thinking for a long time about an acquaintance via Internet, and now I have such a chance! Unfortunately all my attempts to make acquaintance in my native city had no result, I should recognize I failed, but I can’t live alone forever! I like very much these words “To love means to find in other’s happiness your own one”. And that’s a motto of my life!!
And of course I asked for a help to find you, my dear friend!!
I was told that you are an amazing man. (how did you know) And I’m glad. With great desire I want to tell you a bit about me!
I’m 36 years old and I’m looking for serious relations with serious man who will be able to love me and whom I can love.
I live in Russia in a wonderful ancient city Rostov!! I work in social sphere, contact with people and help them.
I’m not young already, but I still can’t leave a hope to find my Romeo, my fairy prince.
I want love, I want to feel thrill and caress, warmth, joy and simply woman’s happiness, I want to love, cherish you, I want to look after you, prepare food and to be an enchantress, a fairy of happiness for my man.
Mutual understanding, trust and attitude to each other are very important for me.
You always will be for me the best, the strongest, the most talented and the most darling!
I’ll appreciate passions and hobbies of my future man and divide it with him.
I’ve gone through a lot of difficulties and I’ve seen a lot, my husband died in a car crash.
I can’t think about it, I’ll better try it in the next letter.
Now I’m free for any change, just to find a sense of my life – this sense to give a joy to the man I love!
Well, we won’t speak any more about sad things, that’s nice we can know each other. To have a better image of me I send you a photo!! I hope you will like it!!!
I hope you found my letter interesting and you would like to answer me! (no thanks)

Please write only to my personal e-mail:

ellena from russia
ellena from russia

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