Online Flower Fraud

We got an email to one domain that has flowers in the name. I actually think the email was ok but he kept mention credit card all the time. When someone say credit card all the time and do not say the name of the city and just city it looks like spam to me.

Subject: Flower supply


Dear sir/madam,

My name is Dr. Kurt Aldridge presently on island vacation with my wife

in Middle East.  I want you to supply Wedding flowers for my

daughter’s wedding holding on 6th August 2010 in your city. I want to

reserve for good romantic flowers for the button holes, bridal

bouquets, table arrangements, church flowers, candles and tea lights

and any other flowers that will be good for the wedding.

kindly get back to me with your rates and prices of the flowers and

delivering within your city,  The wedding planner is preparing for the

wedding venue in your city and i am supposed to reserve for the

flowers that will be use on the day. I will inform you with the

delivery location before the pick up date when the venue is secured.

I am going to make the payment through credit card, because i am

currently on island vacation and unable to make the payment through

any other means.I want you to include all the sur charges for the

credit card in my bill because i am going to take responsibility for


kindly get back to me if you accept credit card, i am making an

arrangement with the wedding planner to secure a place where the

flowers will be delivered. I am sorry that am unable to purchase this

flowers online due bad internet network connection we are having on

this island.

Thanks and awaiting your kind reply,

Dr. Kurt Aldridge


end of the message

We answered him that we need to see the hotel booking and what city he was mean since out country do not have just one city. He sent this reply almost instantly.

Thanks for your prompt response, i am here to inform you that the flower will be delivered on 6th August 2010 in  New York. I am making arrangement with the wedding planner that will pick up the flower from your office after payment.

Please i will need you to give me the cost of the following flowers

Bridal Bouquets

Button-Holes & Corsages

Wedding Garlands II

Hair Flowers

Embroidered Backdrop

Starlight Backdrop

Stone Mandap

Carved Mandap

Entrance & Foyer Displays

Head-Table Decor

Saanji Centre-Piece

Ethnic Dining

Guest-Table Decor

Cake-Table Decor

Table Decor – Finishing Touches

The wedding venue is not yet secured by the wedding planner, and i am making arrangement with him to pick up the flower to secure a nice location to deliver it. I have make an estimate amount of $6000 to pay for the flower supply via my credit card.

please could you provide me with your best flowers with a pink, white, red and green colour and offer me the best price which would be very good for the wedding as am unable to open your website on my computer.

Thanks and awaiting your reply,

Kurt Aldridge.

Did you see the space in front of New York? That looks like a copy and paste work to me or just an automated script sending something back. We then asked him to order something small from us first to confirm his ID and Name but he never got back after that. We do not know really, what he tried to defraud here maybe he wanted us to send flowers to his country in the Middle East and sending us a fake payment or something and selling the flowers to someone. This is clearly some sort of Nigerian scam but not sure what they wanted.

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