Pay Pal Ignores Credit Card Fraud

Pay Pal do not care about credit Card Fraud

I help companies to track down and prosecute people. Companies have been the victim by credit card fraud coming from Pay Pal. Pay Pal do not check or verify or check in any way that the credit card is valid as many should think. I have seen and documented (can show proof if wanted) that their security is less than average. That means for the small business that when Pay Pal say it is ok for you to ship they basically say it is ok for you to ship but you pay all the fees if there is a charge back.

Pay Pal will not

Help you by giving you the persons real name and email
Tell you if this is a real account or not
Support you in anyway
Give information if the user is taking out all money at this moment
Not lock the account in question even if they have a chargeback by credit card fraud.

They will however give all YOUR information to the credit company and the person who tried to fraud you.

There is nobody to speak to at Pay Pal at normal level and to just ask some questions you need to verify your Pay pal account over and over and still cannot answer you. You need to find out the name of the Manager in the call center by name and keep asking for them. That will off course not help in anyway but at least they sound more like a normal person than a robot.

I have forwarded 3 email with Pay Pal accounts during the last 2 month to Pay Pal from known credit card fraudsters and I have also included police reports from local police.

Today I had another issue with Pay pal and I checked if these account where closed or open and to my horror these account are still open for business. Pay Pay did not shut them down even if they know that these account are used by credit card hackers .

Install proper security on your company’s website so you can monitor any person visiting for starters. We will be writing more about internet security when using Pay Pal soon.
If any person from Pay Pal want to know more about this cases I have them on file.

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