Fake Pictures on Facebook

Dear Ameenah,

Thank you for entrusting us with your problem. You can write to abuse@youremailprovider.com and also abuse@facebook.com and get your Facebook account back.
On a side note, it seems to me that this is not some massive hacking thing in general. It seems as if this was done by someone who knows you and your e-mail and Facebook details. An old boyfriend or friend who now hates you perhaps? I advise you to make sure that you keep these details to yourself and to not allow browsers to save your passwords or at least make sure you delete them after.
I hope these pieces of advice will truly help you with your problem and I hope you get your old Facebook back.

To: Webmaster

Ameenah ali

Hey someone hacked my old facebook account and email and they made a
new password and also a new email account so that I can’t ever log
back into my facebook, they are pretending to be me writing all type
of men to make me look like a whore, they are also sending pics of me
out to these boys. The pics are kind of nude. Please help.

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