Scam on zoosk Robbin Qualls

From reader Rory


This woman contacted me through zoosk. Said she was originally from
the Netherlands but now lives in Tennessee. We talked for a few days
and she sent me pics, of a very beautiful woman and said it was her,
said she was 35 with a daughter, and then suddenly said she needed
$156 to keep her internet connection. Asked if I could send it to her
through western union but that I needed to send it to her sisters name
Robbin Qualls because she didnt have an account. Well I know you dont
need a western union account. I kept pushing her to give me a way to
send it to her direct, because I knew something else was up. Finally I
went on yahoo messenger today and noticed her pic on messenger was
totally different than the ones she had sent me. Please investigate
her and avoid her scamming other people.


We need more info about her like link to her profile and maybe Yahoo chat and photos of her to investigate and her email for sure. The best is to send a email to and also to Zoosk abuse department. If you not hear from them let us know. Do not send money to people you not know online is also a good advice.

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