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We seen many of these adverts in Craigs List and also in the junk folder in our in box. The main rule is always if something is to good to be true, well you know what i mean. Once again i would advice people to use the phone. People need to stop sending email back and forward simple phone call can solve everything. We offer all readers 15 % of Skype calls and we encourage you to use the phone next time you think there will be a scam, any phone off course not only scam. Just make sure you block your number like Skype does.

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The Story from the reader

Following is an email I had sent to one of the parties who was victimized in the scam.
Their name was used on the fraudulent check. The account numbers used were from Northwest Bank in
Pennsylvania. I had sent this information to both Salvage Direct and Northwest Bank to provide them with more information that I had gleaned as a target in part of ‘the process’.
Also attached is an ad listing that looks suspiciously like the same scam or a variation of. I
have included the URL so that it can be investigated further, possibly by a decoy who can elicit
the necessary information to capture them. Had I fallen for this I would have been out approximately $2500.

Today I received one of those fraudlant checks someone has been writing with your name on it.

I had called Nothwest Bank to verify funds on the check received. I do not know how much
information you have or whether you believe this is isolated to Northwest Bank but their
information has also been fraudulently acquired and I do not know if you both are trying to figure
out who has the info. Maybe you are not interested or feel that investigators have all of this. I
could have been a victim of cybercrime if I didn’t have my wits about me and so feel very adamant
that this be followed up on before someone else sends $2500 of their own money off to England,
which is how this scam works.

I had exchanged several pages of email before receiving the check and wanted to make sure you had
all of the information. Primarily it seems as though ‘they’ are working out of the UK (England).
Their modus operandi is employment. They represent themselves as employers in the UK who need
stateside home office workers. I have all of the email. They had requested a credit report from
me indicating they wanted to issue a credit card to me which I refuted based on knowing my credit
does not affect a company issued card. They advised using this link to acquire that report which
may actually be a funnel they can access for personal information.

Following are the names from all of the email I have received:


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